What is "to be told"?

"To be told" is me, Lena, a photographer and designer, who loves to tell the story of your day in pictures. It can be any day from a lovely day with your loved ones to your wedding day. My studio is based in Graz, but I'm happy to travel anywhere. Just get in touch with me for more details and a first meeting, where you tell me more about your day to be told :)

We want our wedding day to be told by you... what does your work include?

First of all I want to get to know you a little, because this is most important to tell the story of your wedding day.. or any day! That is why all my wedding packages inclued an Engagement Shooting - a perfect way for me to get to know you and for you to see how I work. On the day of you wedding you can book me from 6 hours minimum to the whole day. To have your day to be told it's important not just to be there for a few moments, but really capture the feeling of the day in pictures. Because that's the feeling you want to remember. Besides the documentation of the day, I'll also do personalised bride and groom portraits - one of my favourite parts of the day, where I get to capture their beauty as well as their shared happiness.

Do you also offer invitation and decoration design for our wedding?

Yes - I'd love to do the design for your invitations and decoration. It's so great to see how happy couples are with a personal beautiful invitation just for them. And it's also a wonderful way to use the pictures of your engagement shooting. Plus it's the first step to your personal designed wedding with elements like table cards, the menu card, personalised guestbook, thank-you-notes or even individual signs for you Photobooth and many more.

How do we get our wedding pictures and how long will it take?

After 4 to 6 weeks you will get your personalised wedding package with some prints in different sizes, a DVD with 300- 900 pictures (depending on the package you've booked) in colour and black and white and some other suprises for you. Just look through my website and you will find some pictures of what a wedding package from tobetold looks like.

How do you charge?

I offer various pricing packages and it is best to get in touch if you want to know an exact offer for your day to be told. Because every photographic story is different and I need some details before I can send you qn offer - just send me an email with some infos. Wedding Packages start at 1.200 Euros

Can we also have a Photobook?

Sure - it's lovely to have a personal photobook to remember your day and also a perfect "Thank you" present for your loved ones. Because I'm also a designer I love to add some text and nice quotes, which makes the book even more unique and personalised :)

What else can be a day to be told?

Besides wedding days I also love to tell any other amazing day like a day with your family in the garden, a walk to your favourite place with your favourite person in this world, the first day of your child in this world, the day you finish a path in your life or your grandma's birthdayparty...

Just email me and we can talk about your day to be told...